Ward 2 Water Bill Overview

"The Customer will be charged a minimum fee from 0 - 2000 gallons of water used, from the date the meter is hung. This gives the customer access to use the water at their convenience."

Failure of a Customer to pay water or sewer charges by the due date:

  1. After Due Date:  A five (5) percent late charges will be applied.
  2. Non-Payment: Seven days past due date may result in customers  services being interrupted.
  3. “In the event it becomes necessary to dispatch a serviceman for non-payment,” a $50.00 service charge will be applied\collected.  (Plus Update Deposit) 

Water Rates – effective February 1, 2016

First 2000 Gallons                             $13.50 Minimum

Next 3,000 Gallons                             $2.52 per Thousand

Next 5,000 Gallons                             $2.12 per Thousand

All over 10,000 Gallons                     $1.37 per Thousand

Tap Fees for Water Connections

Fees and Charges for first time connections to the Ward Two Water System. For each connection, the actual cost to Ward Two Water for meter, check valve, and materials shall be charged in addition to the connection fee/tap fee.

All connection and tap fees shall be paid at the time of application for service.

Deposits & Fees

Owner $40.00

Non-Owner $80.00

Additional Fees

Water Service Charge for Connects $35.00

Transfer Fee $50.00

Cut Off/Administrative Fee for Non-Payment $50.00

Cut Lock/Unlock Fine $250.00

Direct Hook Up Fine $250.00

After Hours Fee $40.00